The Cottage Inn

115 The Village, Haxby, York, North Yorkshire, YO92 2JH
Tel: 01904 763949


Food Served:
Mon - Sun 11:30 - 20:30

We offer a great selection of gluten free and vegetarian dishes, please ask our friendly staff when ordering for more details.

Homemade Soup and a roll
Prawn Cocktail topped with The Cottage Signature Marie rose sauce and Malted bloomer
Chicken Liver Parfait with Toast
Classic Breaded Wholetail Scampi, Homemade Twice cooked Chips, Minted Garden peas, Fresh Lemon and Tartare Dipping sauce
5oz Yorkshire Air Dried Gammon Steak with a Hens egg, Pineapple Salsa & Homemade Hand cut Chips
Fish Goujons and Chips! Locally sourced Whitby Cod, in Our Own Cask ale Batter with Homemade Twice cooked Chips with Mushy Peas and fresh lemon
5oz Seasoned Rump Steak with Dressed Salad and Homemade Twice cooked Chips
Oyster Mushroom & Leek Risotto (Vegetarian)
Rice Pudding With Strawberry Jam
Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry Ice Cream
Press guinea fowl Terrine with Orange et compote
Smoked Salmon on a Horseradish crème fraiche Blini
Spiced Cauliflower Soup with grilled rustic Bread
Traditonal Turkey served with Parsnip Tarte Tatin and Pomegranate Rocket
Salmon en croute with Dill butter
Venison Casserole with Oxtail dumplings
Cranberry, Walnut and Pumpkin seed Roast with Seasonal vegetables (vegetarian)
Chocolate and Peanut butter Fondant with Icecream
Blood orange and almond Cake
Christmas pudding Icecream
Homemade Pate served with toast and Dressed Salad £6.50
Homemade Soup (see specials for the soup of the moment) with Rosemary focaccia £4.50
Prawn Cocktail with The Cottage Signature Marie-Rose sauce and Malted Bloomer £6.95
Homemade Baked Meatballs in a Smoked Tomato sauce topped with Melted Mozzerella with Warm Ciabatta £6.50
Baked camembert With Red onion Marmalade, Rosemary Focaccia or our twice cooked chips £7.95
Mixed Antipasti. a Selection of Cured Italian Meats, with Mixed Pitted Olives, Roast Sweet Red Peppers, Sundried Tomatoes, Dressed Rainbow salad and Warm Ciabatta £10.95
Posh chips! Our twice cooked chips topped with peppercorn and mozzarella £5.95
Chilli Nachos! Topped with Cheese. Guacamole, Sour cream and Salsa on the side. Choose from The Cottage Hot Chilli or Our Vegetarian Chilli Small £6.95 sharer £9.95
Cheese Nachos! With Guacamole, Sour cream and Salsa (v) Small £5.50 sharer £8.50
Home Roasted Honey & Mustard Ham with Hen Eggs, our Homemade Chutney and Our Twice cooked Chips £10.95
The Cottage Curry with our Twice cooked Chips, Rice or ½ and ½. Warm Naan bread and Mango chutney £11.95
Fish and Chips! Whitby Cod, in Our Own Cask ale Batter with our Twice cooked Chips, your choice of Minted or Mushy Peas, Fresh Lemon and Bread and butter £11.95
Classic Breaded Wholetail Scampi our Twice cooked Chips, Minted Garden peas, Fresh Lemon and Tartare Dipping sauce £10.95
The Cottage Hot Chilli with our Twice cooked chips, Rice or ½ and ½, Dipping Nachos and Sour cream. (V) Homemade Vegetarian Chilli also available £10.95
Steak, Ale and Yorkshire blue Pie In Short crust Pastry with your choice of Creamy mash or Our twice cooked Chips with Seasonal Vegetables. See our Special to see our other Pies of the Moment £13.95
Chickpea, Sweet Potato and wilted Spinach Curry with Homemade Twice cooked Chips, Rice or ½ and ½ with Warm Naan bread (V) £9.95
Yorkshire air dried gammon with hen eggs, pineapple salsa and our twice cooked chips £12.95
Seasoned Rump Steak Ciabatta with Caramelised Onions, with Homemade Cask ale Battered Onion rings and Our Twice cooked Chips £10.95
Your choice of either: 10oz Rump £14.95 8oz Ribeye £17.95 8oz Sirloin £15.95 All served with Cherry Tomatoes Skewers, Sautéed Mushroom, Homemade Cask ale Battered Onion rings, Dressed Salad and Our Twice cooked Chips
Choice of Homemade Sauces Peppercorn or Blue Cheese £3.25
All our pizzas are topped with Mozzarella and Red Cheddar Small (approx. 9”) with homemade chips and cottage coleslaw £8.95. Large (approx. 12”) just on its own (but feel free to add from the sides) £9.95
The Cottage Margarita With sliced mozzarella
(V) Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable Balsamic Pizza. With a tomato base and Topped with Cherry Tomatoes
BBQ Chicken Pizza With a BBQ base, topped with Shredded Chicken and Italian herbs
Mexicana Pizza With a Salsa base topped with The Cottage Hot Chilli and Jalapenos. (V) vegetarian chilli available
The Meaty One With tomato base, Selection of Cured Meats, Home Roasted Ham and Pepperoni topped with Caramelised Onions
Hawaiian pizza Home roast ham and pineapple on a tomato base
All served with our twice cooked and salad leaves
Pig Out burger 8oz Gourmet Beef burger topped with smoked bacon, confit of belly pork, Monterey jack and spicy apple chutney £14.95
Mexican Fury Burger 8oz Gourmet Beef burger Topped with The Cottage Hot Chilli, Jalapenos, Melted Monterey jack, Nachos and Salsa £12.95
Cheese and Bacon Burger 8oz Gourmet Beef burger with Melted Monterey Jack, Crisp Smoked Bacon, Pickles, BBQ sauce and Salad leaves £10.95
Buttermilk Chicken Fillet Burger Parmesan buttermilk Chicken breast in a panko crumb with tomato salsa £11.95
Meatless Burger! (V) See our Specials for the Meatless Burger of the Moment £9.95
Smoked bacon,Monterey jack, Sautéed Mushrooms, Fried Hen Egg, Blue Cheese, Jalapenos Even add an Extra Gourmet Beef burger for £3 Any extras? £1
Our twice cooked chips £3.00
Cheesy chips £3.75
Sweet potatoes fries £3
Cask ale battered onion rings £3.50
Cottage coleslaw £1.95
Side salad £2.95
Seasonal vegetables £3.00
Homemade stone baked garlic bread £3.95
Homemade stone baked cheesy garlic bread £4.95
All Served with your choice of Homemade Twice cooked Chips, or Fresh dressed Salad
Homemade Fish Finger Sandwich Whitby cod in Our Own Cask Ale Batter in Ciabatta Bread with Tartare Sauce £7.95
Prawn Marie-Rose In Ciabatta, made with The Cottage Signature Marie-Rose sauce £7.95
Ploughmans Home Roasted Honey and Mustard Ham, Cheddar and Sweet Pickle loaded into a Ciabatta with Salad leaves and a Side of Coleslaw £7.95
Classic Chicken Club Toasted Bloomer Bread with Sliced Chicken breast, Crispy Smoked Bacon, sliced Egg tomato and Salad £7.95
Open Sandwich of Confit of belly Pork On rosemary focaccia, with spicy apple chutney £8.95
Open Mediterranean! Balsamic glazed Roasted Vegetables on rosemary focaccia with Melted Mozzarella and Cherry Tomatoes £7.95
Melted Brie over Crispy Smoked Bacon in Ciabatta with our Homemade Chutney £7.95